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Dipeptidase-1 governs renal inflammation during ischemia reperfusion injury

Importantly, the study also confirmed the mechanism of action of two DPEP-1 inhibitors, the LSALT peptide (Metablok) and cilastatin that effectively protected the kidney during ischemia reperfusion injury. Both the LSALT peptide and cilastatin are protected by composition and method of use patents for AKI respectively and held by Arch Biopartners.

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Dipeptidase-1 Is an Adhesion Receptor for Neutrophil Recruitment in Lungs and Liver


Saurav Roy Choudhury, Liane Babes, Jennifer J. Rahn, Bo-Young Ahn, Kimberly-Ann R. Goring, Jennifer C. King, Arthur Lau, Björn Petri, Xiaoguang Hao, Andrew K. Chojnacki, Ajitha Thanabalasuriar, Erin F. McAvoy, Sébastien Tabariès, Christoph Schraeder, Kamala D. Patel, Peter M. Siegel, Karen A. Kopciuk, David C. Schriemer, Daniel A. Muruve, Margaret M. Kelly, Bryan G. Yipp, Paul Kubes, Stephen M. Robbins, Donna L. Senger

  • Dipeptidase 1 (DPEP1) serves as a vascular adhesion molecule in lungs and liver
  • DPEP1 acts as a physical adhesion receptor independent of its dipeptidase activity
  • Targeting DPEP1 reduces mortality in murine models of sepsis

A hallmark feature of inflammation is the orchestrated recruitment ...

Renal immune surveillance and dipeptidase-1 contribute to contrast-induced acute kidney injury


Arthur Lau, Hyunjae Chung, Takanori Komada, Jaye M. Platnich, Christina F. Sandall, Saurav Roy Choudhury, Justin Chun, Victor Naumenko, Bas G.J. Surewaard, Michelle C. Nelson, Annegret Ulke-Lemée, Paul L. Beck, Hallgrimur Benediktsson, Anthony M. Jevnikar, Sarah L. Snelgrove, Michael J. Hickey, Donna L. Senger, Matthew T. James, Justin A. Macdonald, Paul Kubes, Craig N. Jenne, Daniel A. Muruve


Radiographic contrast agents cause acute kidney injury (AKI), yet the underlying pathogenesis is poorly understood. Nod-like receptor pyrin containing 3–deficient (Nlrp3-deficient) mice displayed reduced epithelial cell injury and inflammation in the kidney in a model of contrast-induced AKI ...

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