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The company is led by a team of scientists and an executive, board and advisors bringing deep scientific, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and corporate financial experience.
  • Current work on LSALT Peptide is directed by Arch’s Treatments for Inflammation Team, led by Dr. Daniel Muruve Ph. D., Dr. Justin Macdonald Ph. D., Dr. Paul Beck and Dr. Arthur Lau Ph. D, who are primarily based at the University of Calgary.
  • The DPEP1 Inflammation Pathway and LSALT Peptide (Metablok) were discovered by the Metablok team – Dr. Stephen Robbins Ph. D., Dr. Donna Senger Ph. D. and Jennifer Rahn B Sc., M Sc. at the University of Calgary.

The Arch Science team also includes:

And, until his passing Dr. Daniel (Dr.Dan) J. Hassett Ph.D. (May 1958-April 2022), who led the work on AB569 at the University of Cincinnati.

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