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Arch Biopartners Files New Patent Application for Novel Antibody Candidates Targeting DPEP-1 Mediated Organ Inflammation

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TORONTO, June 10, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Arch Biopartners Inc. (“Arch” or the “Company”) (TSX Venture: ARCH and OTCQB: ACHFF), a clinical stage company developing new drug candidates for treating organ damage caused by inflammation, announced today it has filed a new provisional patent application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to protect new antibody drug candidates that target inflammation in the lungs, liver and kidneys mediated by dipeptidase-1 (DPEP-1).

The new patent filing can potentially lead to novel single domain antibodies or monoclonal antibodies that inhibit DPEP-1 and organ inflammation. These new antibodies create a third class of drug under development at Arch focused on DPEP-1, alongside the current peptide candidates led by LSALT peptide (Metablok) and the small molecule, cilastatin.

Antibody drugs such as these typically display more specific receptor targeting and longer half-life in the bloodstream compared to peptides or small molecules. The development of DPEP-1 targeting antibody drugs provides the Arch platform with another class of therapeutics for diseases involving the lungs, kidneys and liver where inflammation plays a prominent role.

“This new class of antibodies that we are developing at Arch Biopartners strengthens our patent portfolio and broadens our drug platform targeting organ inflammation mediated by DPEP-1,” said Richard Muruve, CEO of Arch Biopartners.

Update Regarding the Phase II trial for LSALT Peptide

Arch Biopartners recently reported the end of patient recruitment for the Phase II trial of LSALT peptide (Metablok). The trial dosed 61 patients in an international, multicenter, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, proof of concept study of LSALT peptide as prevention of organ inflammation known to trigger acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) and acute kidney injury (AKI) in patients infected with SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) or new variants of the virus.

The composite primary endpoint of the Phase II trial reflects the severe effects often experienced by hospitalized COVID-19 patients and deemed appropriate for LSALT peptide’s novel mechanism of action in blocking consequential inflammation in the lungs, kidneys, and other organs.

Additional information about the Phase II trial can be found at:

The Phase II trial team continues to work on preparing, reconciling and closing the patient data base to enable full analysis of the trial results. This data management work and closeout of clinical sites continues to progress on schedule with third party data analysis expected to occur during the latter part of July.

The Phase II results will be used to design the Phase III program, including greater patient numbers, to more fully evaluate efficacy and safety in hospitalized patients at risk to inflammation in the lungs, kidneys or liver.

About DPEP-1 and Organ Inflammation

A scientific team led by Arch scientists Dr. Donna Senger and Dr. Stephen Robbins first described a novel mechanism of action for organ inflammation in the journal Cell in August, 2019. In the publication, the enzyme DPEP-1 was identified for the first time as a major neutrophil adhesion receptor on the lung, liver and kidney endothelium. Their findings identified DPEP-1 as a novel therapeutic target for diseases of these organs where inflammation plays a major role.

LSALT peptide (also known as Metablok) is a novel therapeutic agent and the lead DPEP-1 inhibitor in the Arch peptide drug pipeline. Arch also has patent protection to re-purpose the small molecule cilastatin, a known DPEP-1 inhibitor, for the prevention of acute kidney injury caused by inflammation in several different indications.

Other Corporate Developments

Arch Biopartners also announced today that after seven years, Mr. Adrian Haigh has stepped down from the Board of Directors of the Company to pursue new opportunities.

“On behalf of the board and the Arch Biopartners team. I would like to thank Adrian for his tenure as a Board Member and for his contribution and guidance during an important time in the Company’s growth. We wish him well and much success in his future endeavours,” said Richard Muruve, on behalf of the Board.

About Arch Biopartners

Arch Biopartners Inc. is a clinical stage company focused on the development of innovative technologies that have the potential to make a significant medical or commercial impact. Arch is developing a pipeline of new drug candidates that inhibit inflammation in the lungs, liver and kidneys via the dipeptidase-1 (DPEP-1) pathway for multiple medical indications.

Continuing under development in the Arch portfolio are: AB569, a potential new treatment for antibiotic resistant bacterial infections in wounds and the lungs; and, ‘Borg’ peptide coatings that increase corrosion resistance and decrease bacterial biofilm on various medical grade metals and plastics.

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The Company has 61,462,302 common shares outstanding.

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